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My boyfriend doesn’t want to get married

When you want to take your relationship to the next level, it would be a proposal for marriage. If this doesn’t seem coming from your partner, there could be various reasons that he would behave to avoid situations or topic of marriage cropping up in conversations.

The reluctance can stem from being unsure of how the course of marriage would go. These kind of partners would love to be in relationships without wanting to tie the knot. There may be other hidden issues that you may have to delve and find out what would be the reason, why he doesn’t want to get married?

boyfriend doesn’t want to get married

Signs a boyfriend doesn’t want to get married

You will have to have one on one talk on this issue. The perception of marriage and commitment may be terrifying for your partner and that may be the reason they want to avoid getting married. Sometimes there isn’t just marriage, but how it is taken in the contemporary world wherein pomp and show take away the sanctity love and its celebration which is what marriage is about, but it just ends up being a business transaction. It may be one of the reason that deters your partner from taking a step forward and make signs he doesn’t want to marry you.

Some of the people don’t like to follow tradition, they would prefer intimate and subtle weddings but are afraid to tell the other partner, hence running from the word marriage. For this you should be non-judgemental and supportive and let the partner know you are there with him and allay his fears. There has to be a gentle way of making him understand that how marriage is important for you and if the person still doesn’t budge, you could get him to a counsellor who will definitely would have dealt with so many partners having similar issues.<>

You will have to consider the needs of your partner too, as both of you will getting into this marriage. If the partner is willingly getting into it, to please you, then it isn’t worth the fuss.

The person may not want a marriage at all and if he is point blank clear about it, it is better to move on and find someone else. Not whine and cry and make the person agree out of sympathy, when he doesn’t want to get married.

In relationships some of the partners want to keep the topic of marriage on the back burner, but you will have to figure out whether the person is there for a fling or seriously want to be with your for a longer period.

Such persons may bow down to family or societal pressures, but they may not be happy themselves about it and it may reflect in the way they handle the relationship issues. Such things can crop up in fights or arguments, or they may not be so committal in keeping the marriage together. Hence it is better to seek a solution of not being in such relationships, if you want marriage, as the next level of commitment.

If you are fine with the arrangement of not getting married and staying the same way but being together. Then it could work fine, but if one of you does want culmination by the way of marriage then both participants have to whole heartedly be in it together.