Guy Stops Texting You
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What Are The Indications When A Guy Suddenly Stops Texting You?

Relationships aren’t easy nurture unless there you know each other well enough to pull through thick and thin. There are times when the going gets rough, but you will have to pull through if you really want to be with the person.

Since technology plays a big role in relations of today, there are various ways people in relationships communicate. The most interesting and often used way is through texting. It is common means of expressing your feelings if you can’t be with your partner all the time. As it happens, a frequent texter will feel let down if the when the guy stops testing, all sorts of feeling creep in.

guy not be interested in texting

How you know it is over

Its not the thing, that most people play out, hard to get types, there may be several reasons, the person may be avoiding getting back to you. It may not be red flag in your relationship, when a guy stops talking to you. It is better to talk it over personally and find out the reason. Instead of questioning yourself or continuously texting and pestering him.

There isn’t a need to display desperation but being assertive enough to letting him tell the truth of not texting back. There is a need of explanation, and if the person doesn’t want to give it to you, it may be not worth your time to hang out with this person anymore.

There are many questions that pop in one’s head

  • Has the person broken up with me?
  • Should I text him back and find out?
  • Has the person ghosted me?
  • Is it ok to do that in the present scenario?

It may seem that expressing love in the form of text, isn’t old fashioned but something really passionate can blossom. If the person doesn’t reach out to you for several days, he stops contacting me. It is better to move forward and not waste your time for a person who doesn’t value your feelings. Such relationships can take a toll on you and care should taken when choosing a person express those lovely moments in life.

It really goes on to prove that they weren’t looking for a relationship and just it was casual encounter for them. There are several reasons a guy would not be interested in texting back, you could just look back check out how the relationship had begun in the first place, whether you two don’t bond over similar things or completely different personalities wherein the wavelengths don’t match.

When a guy stops calling me

There are times when egos come to play, there has to careful treading in this situation. There may situations wherein you will have to understand and not be critical of it such as

  • New into the relationship, continuous texting for some may appear too clingy.
  • The person may be a very busy guy, you can surely give him the benefit of doubt on this one.
  • The commonly pulled up excuse would bad connectivity or server down.
  • Wasn’t really interested, it just that one time you connected, and he doesn’t want to take it further.

The above reasons can be something to ponder and get you know the reality, but for the guy, he really owes you an explanation, whether it was a problem to text back or not wanting to continue the relationship.