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Why do guys always ask for pictures when texting

Since it is an age of digital technology where people are proficient to take great pictures with their phones and it’s a common way of sending out images of yourself. There are amazing ways people react when they see pictures by the way of commenting or liking it. It would be sign of approval and appreciation.

But when your partner constantly asks for your pictures, it could be troubling. It may be that he may be missing you, or wants to know your whereabouts, or who you are with, this regular affirmation can really cause many arguments to break out. Once in a while when he asks for a picture of you or on your own, send pictures across it wouldn’t be a such a big issue. But if you just meet each other online, and never see in a real live asking for picture can be a bad sign. Maybe free porn movies doesn’t enough for him, and he is searching for something new.

You will have to be alert when a guy keeps asking for pictures of your face.

Before agreeing to keep sending your pictures you will have to realize how long you have been in the relationship and where it is headed and try to find out what he does with all those pictures, though it would something innocent to adore them or something creepier. A simple physical attraction could be the reason of the obsession of your pictures.

There could be another reason, he likes you very much and wants to capture every mood of yours hence the constant pandering for pictures. A picture a day really cheers him up and brightens his day, much more when he has fallen head over heel in love with you. You will know when a guy asks for a picture.

Why they do it

There some boyfriends and partners who like to show off about their girlfriends with their pals by gloating over the pictures as well boasting that you agree to his whims of sending pictures whenever he wants them. This isn’t a good sign, it should curb and controlled before you become a trophy girlfriend of his. It isn’t bad to let his buddies know who he is dating but showing all your photos to others isn’t what you should kook in a partner. It is usually after you have met and when a guy wants picture of you.

There are others who ask photos so you ask them too, that way both can be on equal footing and not feel one is getting a better bargain

ask for pictures when texting

If he is going off on a long trip, he may definitely seek your photos that may keep him company for the sojourn. But if there are other reasons behind asking a lot of pictures or on daily basis, when you have just met or gone on a couple of dates, it would not be right to send your photos to him without thinking twice.

You should know that guys like when you send pictures of yourself. A photo is definitely a physical reminder, but unless you know each other well enough and very sure of the person, sending pictures to the person a regular basis isn’t so appropriate way to take the relationship forward. You will have to talk to him and seek his explanation on the obsession of having to send regular photos of you.