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Why do guys pull away and then come back

There are a multitude of reasons that guys just pull back sometimes, much to your chagrin, they back come too. You don’t even understand the top and bottom of this. You may perhaps dismiss it as a guy thing, but it isn’t, girls too have done this on rare occasions perhaps for different reasons. If this happens once, you would be ok with it but if continues through the relationship period, you perhaps have to seek a therapist for still staying on with that person. You will have to find out if the person is there for benefits, seeks them and ventures off.

When the need arises gets back to you it can be for money, shoulder to cry on or even physical intimacy. You will have to look into the issue when a guy disappears and then comes back.

guy disappears and then comes back

How it happens

There are plethora of emotions when your guy returns back, you are kind of happy at his return but also anxious why he disappeared. It is bound to create frustrations beyond a point. You may have realised that you wouldn’t like to be in a such relationship. It is when he comes back after ignoring you. There are lot of factors that come into play, whether he is a habitual offender or it’s a one off affair that you can forgive and forget. There are many obvious signs that you could actually feel when the person you are in relation disappears such as

  • He may be dating another person.
  • You aren’t his priority.
  • He is commitment phobic.
  • He wants to keep it casual for some time and keep his options open.
  • He isn’t sure about himself.
  • He isn’t so much into the relationship as you are.

The above indications aren’t good for your relationship status. You will have to talk this over and know which way the relationship is going. There are to be some kind of assurance to keep you vested in it.

Its not that every man resorts to this and its not a trending pattern, there some who never had steady relationships before, in respect of having a long-time partner around, one of the reasons to this may have been, he reappears after disappearing. This unpredictability will not allow the relationship to last long.

They may have their reasons for disappearing, but do they justify and convince you that it was something far more important than the wonderful thing you have between you and him. If both of you aren’t on the same page on certain issues, you may, or he may come around later, but being there at times, is what nurturing of relationship needs.

When men pull away and then they come back, is like taking you for granted, its provision they apply that you would still take them in with open arms, each time they disappear. It is an emotional turmoil that can take toll on you and your well-being. This relationship is nowhere being healthy