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How to resolve toxic relationships

You may be in a toxic relationship, but you wouldn’t have realised it until it has affected you in many ways than one. The toxicity may effect your mental, physical health as well as people around. You may start behaving rudely or avoiding people or even get startled on any talk about relationships.

There is a time to introspect, but first you need help. You will not allow yourself to purge into something that would ruin your life. Trying to understand why the relationship has turned toxic and will enable you to fix it. There are some questions that may haunt you initially. But you will try to make a toxic relationship healthy.

toxic relationships

The option that would pop up in one’s mind would be to get the person who is the reason for the toxicity to be out of your life. It may be the logical solution. Now there are ways to reversing a toxic relationship such as:

  • Know that you can’t be taken for granted in an assertive way.
  • Learn to disagree at times, putting your foot down , doesn’t mean you don’t love the person.
  • Give equal importance to other relationships of life as well, such as to your parents, family, friends and others.
  • You surely have to have that me time and space. That will also help you grow as an individual and not be how the other person wants you to be.
  • It is good to seek a therapist and discuss what is troubling you than getting the agony aunt to solve your issues.

How can the relationship turn toxic

There are several reasons for the relationship to turn toxic

  • when your partner jumps to conclusions.
  • When your partner neglects you.
  • You two develop trust issues.
  • He gets jealous
  • You aren’t allowed to speak your mind.
  • Being too clingy.
  • He becomes more controlling and demanding.
  • There is a struggle to get intimate.
  • Tries to explain his point of view all the time.
  • There isn’t any empathy
  • Lack of communication

To remove the above toxicity, you will have to work hard on your partner and making  changes is important especially the problem areas. This would be a good way to give the relationship a new lease of life. You will have to work on your relationships everyday. There will few squabbles on the way, but there hasn’t to be winner or loser in the fights that ensue during the relationships. The relationships need not be hard to manage. Make it fun to be with your partner. There has to be unconditional love, you will have to pick up from your mistakes and not repeat it.

It has to be firmly embedded in the beginning of the relationships, all conflicts need not have a conclusion and should not be prolonged forever. The “we” in the relationship would crumble the existence of one. You will have inflect whether there is good kind of intimacy going on between the two of you.

There are times misunderstandings are bound to happen. If you work on this, a toxic relationship can be saved.